Apple will pay $15 to iPhone 4 buyers for antenna performance in iPhone 4

apple-antennagateApple was sued for the antenna performance in iPhone 4 as early as in 2010, and most people probably already forget the so called antennagate.

In the press conference on July 16, 2010, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs  defended their design against accusations of antenna reception issues in then new iPhone 4. Affected (actually all) customers were offered two choices: full refund within 30 days, or a free case (because they cannot make enough bumpers).

So, about 18 lawsuits against Apple in US were filed. A big money for lawyers.

In last Friday, a settlement was preliminarily approved.  According to the settlement, US iPhone 4  buyers who never exchanged their phones for a new one, and didn’t take up Apple’s offer for a free “bumper” back in 2010, can claim a new bumper, or take a $15 payout.  By April 30, about 25 million members included in the class-action lawsuit will be notified by email. The claim period will be 120 days starting from April 30, 2012.

Please note, this settlement is only for US customers.The later iPhone 4S does not have such issues due to changes in antenna design.

Apple will post details soon.

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