iMaps become iLost in iPhone 5

iMaps-become-iLost-on-iPhone-5The excitement of getting iPhone 5 now is dying down. It is time to sit down to play with the latest iToy you just grabbed.

The first thing you want to try probably is the new Apple Maps, which was revealed in June during the WWDC2012 as a killer (of Google Maps). Many tech bloggers claimed it as (

“With “Flyover” 3D Rendering And Yelp/Siri Integration, Apple Maps Makes Google Maps Look Like Child’s Play”

But unfortunately, it turns out that iMaps look like a child’s play. The loss-making Motorola is poking fun at iMaps (

Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.

Even worse, the almost-dead Nokia stabbed Apple as reported by AllThingsD (

 Nokia: Map Apps Can’t Be Built Overnight. Just Look at Apple’s


“We believe that the best user experience comes indeed from precise data, robust processing of core platform functionalities like routing, geocoding and traffic, and by user friendly apps. All this cannot be built overnight.”

It is a disaster for Apple. All the new cool features are now buried under this Maps Gate.

We all know Apple does not want to sleep with Google any more, because Google is no longer a gay. So, clearing all messes in the bed left by Google is the #1 job for Apple developers.

But replacing Google Maps needs time. Surely Apple is not ready. Demo is demo. Apple Maps is a half-baked product, very uncommon for Apple.

If it was released by Microsoft, we would have taken it for granted.Nobody would complain.

Anyway, iMaps now become iLost.

Maybe it is time to relax to watch this Youtube video (sorry, now you have to install Youtube App from App Store, as Apple also removed this mess from iOS 6).



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