How to use RSS feed to get the latest proxy list?


Yes, you can get it with RSS feed.

In a previous post, I shared with you a video on how to find the latest web proxy. However, it is not uncommon, the proxy list is blocked by your ISP or some third-party filters. The more established list, the higher risk.

As we know, there are a few web proxy list providers also provide RSS feed through FeedBurner. So, as long as the FeedBurner is not blocked by your ISP (most ISPs are not blocking FeedBurner), you can still get the latest web proxy list when the proxy list site itself is blocked.

One example, is unrestrictedsurf latest web proxy list feed. In your browser, you can directly open this URL: This will open the rendered html page. If you subscribe to your feed reader, e.g., Google Reader, you reader will get the new list once you open the reader. Simple, right?

I will share with you some other tricks on how to get the latest proxy when the proxy list site is blocked. You can also subscribe to our blog’s feed in your right side to get the latest posts without coming to our site.

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