Is Silk browser a super proxy?


I know which porn you watched! and I kept a copy too. Said Silk Browser.

When Amazon launched its long waited tablet (and finally disappointing) Kindle Fire on Wednesday, the integrated Silk browser was also unveiled. This is more interesting for web proxy providers than the tablet itself.

It works fast, at least, based on all demos. It actually also gives users a wrong impression that the tablet is fast because some rendering will be done in Amazon Cloud, EC2. It looks like a super web proxy.

However, this Silk browser also raise some concerns on privacy. The problem is not proxy itself, but how Amazon will use the data collected. For most web proxies, user browser data are not stored, although some Glype web proxy may cache some images files. So, the user browsing data will never be used. Silk proxy may work in different ways.

Silk browser is very similar to Opera Mini. But Opera Mini does little caching, and does most on rendering and compressing. Therefore, there are almost no concerns on its privacy issues.

So, you can consider Opera Mini as a super web proxy, but not Silk browser, which will keep something when you leave. This is not a web proxy should do.


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