Is Silk browser a super proxy?


When Amazon launched its long waited tablet (and finally disappointing) Kindle Fire on Wednesday, the integrated Silk browser was also unveiled. This is more interesting for web proxy providers than the tablet itself. It works fast, at least, based on all demos. It actually also gives users a wrong impression that the tablet is fast because ...

How to use RSS feed to get the latest proxy list?


In a previous post, I shared with you a video on how to find the latest web proxy. However, it is not uncommon, the proxy list is blocked by your ISP or some third-party filters. The more established list, the higher risk. As we know, there are a few web proxy list providers also provide RSS ... blog gives your latest update on web proxy blog gives your latest update on web proxy

After providing free web proxy service for more than 4 years, it is time to move forward to give more to our valued users. So, here comes this blog  powered by WordPress. It will not only give you update on our proxy network, but also the web proxy industry reviews. Of course, we will have some ...