What is http secure proxy?

You may notice some web proxy providers provide “http secure web proxy”.  What does it mean?


Yes, you need some protections, but for your privacy, not your head!

It actually means the web proxy uses https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), instead of the normal http protocal for their web proxy. This suggests the connection between you and the proxy is secured (to certain extent), and your IT department or your ISP have no way to peer the contents you are browsing. Of course, they know the URL you requested.

This sounds secure and safer. Yes, it does. But do not overestimated the security provided. First, the connection between the http secure proxy and teh site you are browsing may still use http, not https, if the site you are browsing is not using https. Secondly, your ISP or your IT department can still track the URL you visited.

In the downside, there are small performance degradation when using https. And if you are using IE browser, some contents may not be shown properly when the site has both secured contents and normal http contents (e.g., Java script from third party).

Overall, it does make sense of using http secure proxy if you are a bit worry about your surfing privacy. But do not expect too much. If you want to try a http secure proxy, you may go to UtopianPal.com.

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