Why people use web proxy?

why you need web proxy?

Yes, you can just hide your face with a web proxy.

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Of course, most our visitors are using our free anonymous web proxy service. Web proxy is quite simple. It acts as an agent between your computer and the site you want to browse. That’s it.

People are using web proxy mainly secure surfingfor the following 5 reasons:

  • Bypass blocking. This blocking may be placed by your government, or your ISP, or your organization, or even your parents. The intention may be good if contents blocked are not suitable for your age or your religion. But some ISPs or organizations just subscribe some third-party services, and block sites blindly. To access such contents, the only way is to use web proxy. Arguing with your ISP to whitelist the blocked sites is usually just a waste of time.
  • Surf anonymously. Netizens are more and more concerned about their privacy. If an ad pops out telling you an event in your neighborhood, and showing you the route from your home to the venue, will you be scared? Surely. This may be slightly exaggerated, but this is possible for some advertising companies already. They know your location, your gender, your education, your marriage, your income and probably even the color of your pants. Most webmasters may not collect such info, but the third-part ad-serving companies definitely collect as much as they can. Don’t talk about the rubbish laws; use anonymous proxy. Please note, this will only partially solve the problem because the web proxy have ads as well.
  • Safe browsing at work. Sometimes, you may not want your IT department knows the sites you visited. Although the site is not blocked (as a matter of fact blocking is the failed attempt to control the content access), browsing it during office hours may be deemed as inappropriate, especially when you are scrutinized for promotion or layoff.
  • Access contents not available for your region. The greedy content (movies, music…) providers always want to maximize their profit by restricting the availability to certain regions. Suppose you were sent to an Asian country by your company, if you want to watch an American TV show (anyway, it may be just a rubbish, which you already subscribed in US) in Asia, you have to wait, wait…, . Even the local government does not block it, the content provider blocks your access from Asia. It is not the fault of local governments or ISP, but the greediness of content providers.
  • Participate anti-government activities. The Jasmine revolution in Arabian countries illustrated the powerfulness of internet. It is not surprising that some countries have tightened the the control of internet. So, if a person is involved in anti-government political activities (usually deemed as illegal in that country), he has no choice but to hide his identity as much as he can. Actually, what web proxy can hide is very limited. The law-enforcement in all countries have more advanced technologies to track the traffic through web proxy.

Of course, it is not new that a lot of ISPs and third-party rubbish internet security services block proxy sites. The good thing is that there are many new web proxy sites everyday. Building a web proxy is very simple as explained in this article.

If your web proxy is blocked , you have to change your web proxy. So, find a way to subscribe to proxy.org, or unrestrictedsurf.com to get latest proxy.

Please note, the privacy protection provided by web proxy is very minimum. Do not play with law-enforcement authorities unless you have better anonymous tools.

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